Bywater's Society Of St Anne 

The Society of Saint Anne was founded in 1969. The Society of St. Anne was once Bywaters first krewe to march on Mardi Gras morning but the Bywater Bone Boys, rising before dawn, now have that distinction.


 The Society of St Anne's preimere members, with just a few carefully chosen quests, traditionaly have a breakfast - usually grits and grillades - followed by an elaborate street party that includes a drum circle. 


In 2011, one group wore blue band uniforms bought online, previously worn by the McNeill Mavricks - a Kingwood, Texas marching band. One wore a Mustang uniform from Austin. They did Texas prowd.

The good music of a great marching band, flanked by a group of girls from "The  Academy of Pull out And Pray."  Perfect. "Like a Virgin" - by the Society of Saint Anne's patron saint Madonna - played in the background .



Snapshot 1 (12-23-2011 6-47 PM)