Kamp katrina/ Buskers Bunkhouse Policies And Overview

Our goal is to keep existing arts forms alive while growing new ones


Who do we house and host ? And for how long ?


Our number one concern is Art on every level The haves have more power to express, experience and publish their art. That's good. Let's not discriminate against success but there are many out there who do not have the money while having talent and desire. What if it was free?

It is, but unlike Blanch Dubious in A Streetcar Named Desire , which was written about this very neighborhood, instead of  depending upon the kindness of strangers, we depend on the kindness of ourselves. That’s you and I. We don't accept cash donations from outsiders. If you can contribute please do. We don't want someone who is flat broke to miss out.That can change We have tools to help you market yourself, and we are working on getting others.Things like musical instruments,art supply,computers and programs, resources such as where to get food stamps, area busking laws as well as other information and referrals.


See- BuskersBunkhouse.com or mymimemspearl - youtube - email- orleansbywater@aol.com


We have bikes you can use. They may need a little maintenance. Initiative is the keyword.

We hope and trust that if we help you you will help us when and how you can.

That doesn’t mean when you get all your college loans paid off. Temper your needs with mercy.

Rules And Policy

Many attempts have been made to write rules/policy, something is always left out. Our main problem is people taking or using others things without their consent. If it isn't your's, please don't play, wear, eat or use it . Someone is usually asleep at any hour so take notice and don't use the bunkhouse to party.

The tent on the slab is a good place for that unless happens from time to time.

Other things should go without saying. If you cook clean. If you take a bath, wash towels. If someone's clothes are in the washing machine put them in the dryer for them. Things like that - common courtesy. Remember we have no maintenance crew. Buskers Bunkhouse is as clean, as rich and/or as poor as you make it. Sometimes the garden flourishes sometimes it fills with weeds; it depends on who is here. If we all do a little no one will have to a lot.

We are currently able to host free for up to three days (providing we have an open bunk) for artists of any form age 25 or older, with longer stays available depending on the situation. 

Kamp Katrina/Buskers Bunkhouse 

712 Alvar St 

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

Located In Bywater (Voted Americas most intrusting neighborhood by MTV, and

Archaeological Digest's choice for the most diverse Architecture) just 2 miles from the French Quarter on the corner of Royal and Alvar St.