KIckstarter has helped many people .They have resources for every art form For film music even craft projects Go see I know others who have used this A kickstarter  film made by some kids who lived here






                                     Muisic Maker Relief Foundation   




                  Unity Help For The Homeless - I know many people they have helped

                         2475 Canal St Suite 300 504 821 4496    


    Buskers Bunkhouse - Free hosting 504 943 9149 712 Alvar St New Orleans 70117


                                   Homless Shelters

    Covenant House: 611 North Rampart Street  New Orleans (504) 584-1108


                                    New Orleans Mission

                                  New Orleans (504) 523-2116                                        


                                                            Ozanam Inn


    843 Camp Street  New Orleans, LA 70130  Office: (504) 523-1184 
     Ozanam Inn P.O. Box 30565 New Orleans, LA 70190-0565

       Or send an email to: