Co Co Robicheaux's Jazz Funeral New Orleans

     Marigny Triangle  & French Quarter





      Friends Fans and Brass Bands Meet in front of

            The Apple Barell Where Co Co Often Played



Love is everywhere; it is in the collective altered state of conciousness as a spirit-filled crowd flows thru the heart of the French Quarter. Umbrellas and people twirled and swayed much to the delight of the tourists who often joined us.A haunting grey made the sky and the street the same color.

A dirge building into a wild and wonderfull celebration of Co Co Robicheaux's fascinating life. We all became one. Music came from everywhere - guitars saxaphones flutes clarinets tambourines trombones pencils pens foot-steps and cell phones cheers laments and hands somehow played in unison. It was magic. A culturial cornacopia we were all in awe. We Love you Co Co and we are dancing you home.




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