The Bywater Bone Boys 2011

The Bywater Bone Boys are The bohemian Bywaters rendition of a century's old tradition practiced in Black carnival for years .Treme is the area they are known to haunt on Mardi Grass morning and on All saints day. On Mardi Gras morning they rise before daylight and scare the daylights out of Treme adults and children alike felt fear .What a sight they made each carying a bloody bone 'anything to make noise a kind of bang band from hell. They often warned children and adults alike that if they continued with their trifling ways the skeleton's would soon return for them.

Our Bone Boys are more artful than frightful but I welcome any new walking club. Walking clubs are one of my favorite New Orleans traditions. Bywater is full of art from tattoo to tailored famous and infamous artist of every venue as well as many street performers live in what MTV called Americas most entrusting neighborhood.

The Bywater Bone Boys like their counterparts in Treme rise early before 7 am on Mardi Grasss Morning .they begin to arrive at Celias Park on Royal and Cloet .. The parade starts and ends there

They march thru the Bywater neighborhood dragging metal sings banging on trashcans and dumpsters

They now have the distinctionn of being Bywaters first marching club to march on MardiGrasss day before The Bywater Bone Boys. The society Of St Ann were the first to march thru Bywater The society of St Ann also marches thru the Marigny area all the way to The French Quarter. So far The Bywater Bone Boys stay in the Bywater area. They added a type of throw last year Bone Bucks (mock money ) depicting a skeleton and refrences to wiskey . 


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